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Thank you so much, I received the book, read it and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Finally, some of the less pleasant feelings and emotions of motherhood was candidly discussed, normalised and properly explained... I think having my feelings validated of course helped and now when I have bouts of rage I know the origin and handle them much better.

Cape Town parent


I attended the Sleep workshop last month at it was absolutely fantastic and its also great to connect with other parents. I highly recommend attending!

Port Elizabeth parent


I have loved reading your book. Wonderful, fundamental developmental,  psychological 'knowing' made so accessible to a new parent. Ithink it is the first infant book that I have read that stresses the importance of TRUST!


Sheila, Cape Town



I really enjoyed Babies in Mind. I was about eight months pregnant with my son when I read it the first time and I’ve read it several times over since then. He was a tough baby with colic and eczema. I found the book so helpful during the stressful times – it really helped me to see things in a different light.


Gina, Joburg



"Babies in Mind" has some excellent advice and I use a lot of your thoughts on motherhood in my presentations, especially your mantra of "let your baby be your guide"


Tamryn, Cape Town



My little boy is now 8 months old, and we recently went through a tough time trying to get him to sleep and he was crying a lot (he had been doing so well with sleep time until a few weeks ago).

I started reading your book to find out a bit more about what he could be going through and wish that I had read it from day 1! I find it very insightful and can actually relate the behaviour of some adults (specifically my father) to the way they were treated as infants - incredible!

My baby is doing much better in the last few days - I'm sure we've turned a corner.

After reading your book there are definitely a few things I will do differently with our next baba (God willing)! So thank you!!


Paige, South Africa



I want to mention how much I enjoyed your book.  I read it some time after my boy was born (he is now 4 and a half) and, luckily, before my daughter was born recently (she is now 6 weeks old).  I enjoyed your level headed approach and off course the manner in which you have made deep psychological and psychoanalytic understanding available to the general public.  And I myself enjoyed reading it, as I found that I had a need, as a mother, to read around the practicalities of motherhood and found that there is a gap between the theory and practice in psychology in terms of available reading.  Your book definitely closed that gap for me a bit and mostly just made me feel part of a community in my own experiences.


It is challenging to steer one’s way through the waters of mothering an infant with all the uncertainties (is there enough milk, should I wake a sleepy infant when she seems to be very happy going for very long stretches between feeds, is milk flow a problem when she is frustrated? etc)…there are so many variables and in some ways so little clear communication and input.  And I end up concerned that my misreading of signals or misunderstanding of problems (cramps/refux/feeding issues/tiredness/overstimulation) can cause some issues around her trust in her “container”…


I have found that texts such as your book and some of the articles on your website, are very containing in moments like those…


Lucy, Cape Town




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